Thursday, December 31, 2009

Abditive Abature Split LP

Here is a rather lengthy split that Motion Sickness of Time Travel and I have been working on for the past 2 weeks or so. The requirement was that each side be 30 minutes long. While Rachel met hers, I have roughly 25 minutes or so. So it's almost like a split album? But not really? I made the second picture, and she did the first. Happy new years everyone. I hope you guys dig this. I know I do.

Motion Sickness of Time Travel
Side a:
01. Dark Room
02. Enchantment Versus Mind Control
03. Deceptions or The Murky But Beautiful Left-Hand Path
04. Watching The Leaves Float In Dirty Water

Side b:
01. Until The Truth Comes Out Like The Sun
02. Melatonin
03. Fighting
04. Garbage
05. Before Bed

The best part about all of this is that you can purchase this release! Coming soon to cassette on the one and only Hooker Vision. AND you can download it for FREE. It's only 4 dollars in person and then 7 through the mail.


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy Holidaze

I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday season!

This is what I've been referring to as my "baby." I got it as a Christmas present. It's a Fender Stratocaster. The color is awesome, it isn't anything like this picture. I haven't been able to find a similar color anywhere online. But it's a sort of platinum, baby blue. Here is a picture of a "surf green" model:

Along with a new guitar, there has been a lot of other awesome news I haven't shared with anyone yet. In The Jaws of a Dandy Lion now has a drummer! I like to think of this as we are now an official band, all the pieces are there. Nothing is going to come from our new drummer until after the holidays. But before you hear anything new, I'm going to be posting a new EP the girls and I have worked on. And probably before I post that, I will be posting a new split that I've had the honor to work on with Rachel, aka Motion Sickness of Time Travel. Until there, you can and should check out her new album...HERE!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Deerhunter @ Lollapalooza 2009

The weather outside is extremely shitty so I'm forced in. So I had a reason to get around to this. I've wanted to do this for a while, I just never did, but here is the setlist and my bootlegged recording of Deerhunter playing Lollapalooza this past summer when I was in Chicago. Bradford claimed to be tripping out pretty hard on viruses.

01. Intro (2:37)
02. Cryptograms (4:58)
03. Never Stops (3:07)
04. Wash Off (7:10)
05. ''tripping banter'' (0:50)
06. Little Kids (4:09)
07. Hazel St. (4:54)
08. Nothing Ever Happened (7:29)
09. What Goes On (VU cover attempt, trip banter) (2:06)
10. Saved By Old Times (4:07)
11. Vox Celeste (3:40)
12. ''mayan waterpark banter" (3:34)
13. Cover Me Slowly (1:27)
14. Agoraphobia (3:05)
15. ''madeline's request'' (2:53)
16. Circulation (6:36)


Sunday, November 22, 2009


It's hard to get kittens to sit still for photos.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Insomnia Puzzle

My boyfriend and I were up all night with our new cat, Biko. Which means "dear" in Igbo, a language spoken in Nigeria. We found him wondering the streets and he came up to us and hasn't left us alone since. We named him that because he's such a dear, sweet, loving cat. I'll try to post pictures soon. But, yeah, anyways, Jeremy and I came up with this song tonight because neither of us could sleep. It's a combination of 2 random samples I choose and altered, and 2 random samples he choose and altered. Enjoy?

Insomnia Puzzle

P.S. Here is a picture of a random, evil washing machine that warns you to use it at your own risk. The risk I'm afraid I don't understand.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Do Not Chew Or Crush EP

All of this was recorded back when I had my old hard-drive. I just edited a couple of small things from the originals. "Lockjaw" features a Liberace sample and "Orange Horse" was recorded for Eloise. All-and-all, these songs were just fun to make. The theme here is insomnia.

Do Not Chew Or Crush EP
01. Lockjaw
02. Shy Sleeper
03. Orange Horse
04. Poor Aim

Friday, November 6, 2009

Year Long Project

I got this idea from Grant not too long ago. And I thought I would start it this weekend since I'll be visiting Freda tomorrow. But Grant suggested I record an album out at Freda. I instantly knew I wanted to. But I didn't want it to be that simple, I wanted a different edge to the original idea. So I'm going to be taking this one slow. Real slow. I'm going to begin what I'm simply just calling "Freda" at this point this fall and then releasing it next fall. I want to capture Freda in every season. Broken leaf fractals of fall, the shivering slivers of winter, the summer sun, the flower-child energy of spring. I want to record each season as half of one side. A couple of songs for each season. I want this to be my best work yet. I'm going to take everything really slow and see how it goes. I'd like to hear about any ideas anyone has to offer. Mostly on what instruments I should use, some new angles/ideas, suggestions?

Friday, October 30, 2009


There is really a lot to say about this recording. But I'll try to keep it short. We've wanted to do an album since last summer when the concept was to record in this old, eerie barn and use the various junk to our advantage to make sounds. That was a while ago and when it was only Alexis and I. Some of the material recorded here was supposed to be recorded around the "Sonic Barn" era. I'm glad that idea didn't go through. This feels like a much more fleshed out effort and I can honestly say I'm really proud of this record no matter how bad some people might find it. I'm proud of it because I've never had the experience to record with close friends before and each session was more fun than the last. The name is derived from the idea that it was mostly recorded in my attic where there are two signatures, one from Ellen Erickson and one from R.H Tervo. I believe these ghosts haunt my home. You see...we were recording one night, an instrumental session, and when I was reviewing the material, I discovered a chilling voice. "This is my bedroom," it said. A couple of weeks after I discovered the voice, my house was struck by lightning from the attic and destroyed my hard-drive. When I got the data restored , I found that the song with the voice was gone without a trace. It's almost as if they didn't want their presence known. We choose to record in the attic because there is this constant sense of unknown company up there.

...Just a little true ghost story for a truly ghost-y album. Most of these songs were recorded within one or two takes with minimal special effects from the computer. I asked Ben to contribute a while ago something for this album, the result is the extremely eerie keyboard workings of Collin from False Color. I went to Ben because of our first release together about a year ago, the Halloween split. Out of the 75+ sketches done for this album, we favored these the most. My only regret is that Angel didn't join soon enough. We didn't quite have the time to apply her as a resource as much as we wanted to. But I'm glad that she's a part of the band and I wouldn't have it any other way. So here is our Halloween treat/trick from us to you:

01. The Vogue Timeless
02. A Labyrinth Of My Own
03. Bat Crossing
04. The Invisible Musical
05. Small Nooses
06. Ellen Erickson August 25, 1935
07. Go By The Ghoul's Rules
08. Trick Or Retreat
09. R.H. Tervo August 1, 1922
10. Macabre
11. Sarcophagus
12. Purgatory Party
13. Stirring The Cauldrone
14. One Last Look At Madeline Usher (featuring False Color)

All of the bass guitar work was played by Angel (Natas Mai), the guitar/keyboard/mixing, sampling, and editing was done by myself (Macshaw Corpse), and Alexis (Ivy Belk) wrote all of the lyrics and sang in all of these songs. We all had a hand at contributing lyrical input, but Alexis has a way with words that is just very somber so she had a lot of room with that angle. Recorded fall of 2009.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I have...

I woke this morning with a fever of 103 degrees and insane fever dreams about Animal Collective? I immediately went to the hospital. Not much they could do but make my fever go down a bit and give me some antiviral medications. I am even advised to wear a mask over my mouth so that I don't infect others. We have already had about 3 different school closings around here...what is the big deal?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Best News EVER.... (to me anyways)

So I was having a pretty shitty day at school. I get home, no one is home. And I notice my old crashed hard-drive is missing since I've kept it near my computer since it broke from sentimental reasons. I notice a pile of 9, 10, maybe 11 discs sitting there with titles like "Spiid" and some with episodes of Space Ghost I downloaded. I open them...and BAM, all the material I lost months ago is back!! I'm really excited about this too! All of my first recordings under the Grace Budd moniker, recordings from the Eloise period, soundscapes from Dharma Is A Door, uncompleted EP work, just PURE TONES of stuff recovered! I wanted to take a break after the In The Jaws Of A Dandy Lion record, but I have so many flowing ideas going around my head right now with this discovery. I also wanted Aether Transit to be the last release until about next year. But I really can't say or think anymore. Anyway...I just wanted you guys to know that all the things I had planned are back in my grasp and it's awesome and I hope you guys feel the same way. I can't wait for Halloween and to hear the new Jetplane Cinema album and what everyone else has coming.

Positive vibes,

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Aether Transit Physical Release

Grant has done the honor of making a few limited copies of Aether Transit. I'm really excited and if anyone wants to buy a copy, go to the link below. It's just 4 dollars in person and 7 through the mail. There's only going to be ten made, so hurry if you want one!

Check it out HERE.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Aether Transit

Going into this, I prepared no concept or "idea." I just wanted a new collection of songs. And I have to say that this is probably my favorite release of my yet. My primary influence for this was Joe Meek's I Hear A New World. The construction of the album was pretty tedious, I recorded 28 different tracks for it and I kinda pieced together this loose theme of space travel. Anyway, I hope you guys dig it. Like always, I dedicate this to...anyone that listens really.

I asked Grant if he would like to help me out with a song. In return, he brings us "The Ghost In The Atom." Created out of scrap samples I had from the material. I think it ties the whole thing together pretty nicely and personally, I'm honored he contributed. I want to do more contribution work in the future with anyone who is interested.

Aether Transit
01. Activation Of The Flower Of Life
02. You Go
03. Wild Earth
04. Gamma
05. Friendly Bugs
06. The Wind Will Dry You Out
07. Record Scratch Requiem
08. Stoned Star
09. Psychonaut
10. Mother Earth And Father Meteor
11. Aether Transit
12. The Ghost In The Atom (featuring Nova Scotian Arms)
13. It's Not About The Vessel, It's About The Journey

P.S. There was a problem uploading it to mediafire. So the link is a sendspace link. Enjoy.

P.P.S. There was another problem. Grant's song wasn't able to be accessed because it was sent as a afi. file and I didn't notice until he just pointed it out. I took care of it. I also put the album on mediafire instead of sendspace. And if you already downloaded the album this will save you the time of downloading it again for Grant's track:

Download here.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Update and Virtual 7 Inch #1

I posted this Virtual 7'' a couple of days ago but quickly took it down. I was thinking that I wanted to incorporate them into the next Spiid album, but I decided against that. At this point, the album, "Aether Transit" is done and is in the tracklisting/mixing phase.

Virtual 7 Inch #1
01. Claustrophobia
02. Respiration

With the next Spiid project already near completion, I've had time on my hands to record a few tracks with Alexis and Angel. For a while, Alexis and I wrote a lot of different material and recorded it in bits and pieces and we've come to find that it didn't fit into what we were doing with the Halloween record. So sometime before the end of 2009 we want to put together an album of songs we never recorded but have only sat and collected dust. With all of our damned equipment problems lately, Angel hasn't been able to contribute much. We have the money to get the amps and equipment we need. But it's just a means of finding it. The first place we had in mind doesn't have the amps anymore. So no Halloween show, unfortunately. But we have much bigger plans for the end of the year.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Member

This is Angel. I've known her for quite some time. But we never really got close until this school year. We share a lot of the same classes and interests. And today I found out she plays bass. LIKE A BEAST. I asked her right away to join In The Jaws Of A Dandy Lion and she seemed more than happy.

I'm so excited about this. The new material is just gonna get better from this point on. And the garage show is happening. It was a maybe at first, but it's on for sure now.

We're beginning recording with Angel this Saturday. I'll try to have something around then for you guys to hear.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Halloween Album Update

This past weekend Alexis, myself and company indulged in a pot brownie/attic recording session experience. I'm currently reviewing and mixing some of the material, and in the middle of the day, I feel like wetting myself in fear. It sounds phenomenal. We recorded almost 50 different soundscapes/songs/jams...whatever you want to call them. And said material has nothing to do with the stuff we've been writing. Maybe we'll do 50 more segments?! Whatever the out come of this "idea" is -- it's gonna be crazy. Our first show and our first album project is becoming more of a reality. The only thing holding us back is a couple of equipment flaws. Like another amp and being able to reenact some of the special effects I use during the mixing process. The result could be a stripped skeleton of macabre proportions.

I hope all of you are well. I think everyone is currently working on something new and exciting and I personally cannot wait. Things are changing.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Atomic Spectra Split EP

Megan is solely the reason why I started recording. We used to have late night conversations about starting a band named Toothbrush. I don't exactly remember why that name was picked. I think it has something to do with randomness... but that was about 3 or 4 years ago, and then I started under the moniker Grace Budd. I've always found her to be a well-crafted individual, brilliant too.

Spiid/Atomic Spectra Split EP

Atomic Spectra:
01. Crepe Paper And Cellophane
02. Desert Plant, Flower Child
03. Save Some For A Rainy Day

01. I Am Sitting In A Room
02. Rusted Spark
03. Bobbysoxer

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


"Curvature" was recorded during the time when I lost my hard-drive. I can seriously feel the sad angst and uncertainty in it when I listen to it now. At the time, I was really upset and hated everything because of what happened and spent my time reading a lot about scared geometry, sine waves, and the cosmos.

The other three are the salvaged demos of "Earth Tones." I had them on my iPod and managed to get them off. I had no intention of ever doing anything with them, but I don't like them sitting around either. Also, this was supposed to be the cover for "Earth Tones." Anyone familiar with fractal art?

Earth Tones EP
01. Steam
02. Curvature
03. Mute Like A Mountain
04. Biome Of The Mind

Monday, September 7, 2009

So Up In The Air, It's Atmospheric

Who finds a casio as nice as this at a rummage shop?

I do.

Recording on an untitled Spiid project has begun! "Lo-fi, UFO paranoia fantasies in haunted space station, static evolution." It should be done sometime early this fall. And Grant has already agreed to make an appearance on it. While he works on his own project, "Lucid Cartography." What I'm doing is so up in the air, it's atmospheric.

Primary influences: Joe Meek - I Hear A New World. Quiet Evenings - Burning Bridges. Pink Floyd - The Dark Side Of The Moon. Talking Heads - Fear Of Music.

And on Halloween, which is right around the corner, In The Jaws Of A Dandy Lion are releasing their first record and possibly doing their first show!! We're too old to treat or treat so we want to gather the Misfits, Goblins, Witches, and Ghosts for a sonic treat. And we wanna scare the costumes off of little trick or treaters that pass by my garage.

P.S. I'm thinking about making physical copies of some of my release. Which ones would you guys buy?

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Ruins of Freda.

Jeremy, Myself, Apollo and my uncle.

Freda's splender.

Jeremy down by the water.


The tower at Freda.

Standing in the tower.

Beach where the album art was taken.

Freda is a place pretty much secluded from all of mankind. The album art for Dharma Is A Door was taken on the same day as these pictures. "Lost Boys Of The Land's End" is my sonic description of that day. My favorite summer memory. Freda to me is like the ultimate muse. It really helped with a lot of the unfortunates I faced this summer.

P.S. Be sure to click on the pictures for full sized images. These little thumbnails or whatever don't do them justice.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Dharma Is A Door

So here it is! "Dharma Is A Door." It's been done for almost two weeks now. I was hesitate to post it until now. I thought it needed more work. This project started as something called "Earth Tones." I never told anyone really, but 5 of the original "Earth Tones" demos were salvaged. Sadly, only one of them made it. And that one is "Feed The White Dog." But primarily...this was all inspired by Buddhism and Jack Kerouac's "The Dharma Bums" and the human drive to move through and above the things in our way. It's completely ambient and dense. I stepped away from the words and writing on this one. And I can thank Grant for that. I'd like to dedicate this for Jeremy, Alexis, Grant, Megan, Ben, Elliott, Rachel and anyone else I forgot.

Dharma Is A Door
01. Point Me Skyward
02. Little Buddha
03. Momentai
04. Far Too Many Clouds
05. Feed The White Dog
06. Lost Boys Of The Land's End
07. Gauzy Evolution Of Apes
08. Feel Infinite

Monday, August 24, 2009

Summer Session EP

Here is a new In The Jaws Of A Dandy Lion EP. Honestly, it's Alexis and I messing around like we always do. I mixed these as saw fit, and I'm sure some of it might turn you guys off. It's totally obscure and rough quality.

Summer Session EP
01. A E I O U Nothing
02. Thaw
03. The Letter People Show (Miss U)
04. Her Face In The Video

"Thaw" is the first song Alexis and I recorded really that had vocals. We also recorded it with a no-longer-lion, Jessica. But we reworked it. The original was one hell of a jam. But this EP version is just us having fun.

P.S. Elliott, it's pronounced either way you want man. I call it "Sp-did" --without that d. Like spid. But "Sp-edd" is cool too.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Stoned, Foggy, Thursday, Claymation Mindfuck Update

Alexis and I here, were browsing youtube and found this satanic claymation video. We've been kinda working hard towards some new stuff. We've recorded new and old, remaking some of the songs we lost along the way with the hard-drive b.s. And I recently bought this really rad Casio keyboard so we've been experimenting with it. Synths, organs, etc. I feel like this new stuff is really vital because of the lose. We worked for a long little while on stuff that was special to us, and we didn't even get to release any of it. Primarily our first session until so on. Like piss in the fucking wind, man. The old material had Alexis' singing, which never got to see the light of day.
We're like Valet...but we're not. Without the free parking.

"We've already raped music..." -Alexis.

Swine flu mask


Alexis with a noose she found in the woods of the Upper Peninsula.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Here is a late night afterbirth made from sketchs and samples I've taken over the past couple months. It's kinda The Beatles - Revolution 9 backwards, just without the "Turn me on dead man" and Satan bullshit. But this one still sounds pretty evil. There is just something about reversed, unintellegable words that just freaks the hell out of me and gave me a sense of paranoia while mixing this.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Return Of Spiid!


I never realized how much I missed the internet until it was in my grasp again! Haha. Well...for starters, I just wanted to check in with everyone and tell you guys what's been going on lately.
Jeremy and I just got back from Lollapolloza '09 in Chicago. And it was probably the best musical expierence I have ever known to come.

And within the next couple of days here, Megan and I will be posting our Spiid/Atomic Spectra split EP. She made the album art for it and I think it's really rad. Other than that release, I have a lot of other plans in mind. A while ago, I managed to salvage 5 demos from my iPod that I planned on using for "Earth Tones." Now, before I managed to get these demos, I planned on completely recreating the view I had for the album. Eventually, the idea of it became so altered, I made it a project of it's own. So I'm glad to say that Spiid's return is going to be followed by two albums. I'm not saying about the untitled 3rd album. But "Earth Tones" on the other hand is going to be an all ambient/instrumental piece. Inspired by Grant's album, "Skyed Out." Along the process of making these two new records, I'll also be releasing stuff I've recorded since I lost my computer. And that's about roughly almost 200 rough demos. Needless to say, I kept busy while I was gone.

I'd like to remind everyone that I'm still struggling with trying to retrive files that I've sent to people and that it would be very much appreciated that if anyone could send anything; pictures, songs, etc., I would really be grateful. And thank you everyone for all of your kind words and expressions and concerns for the difficult times I faced this summer. It really means a lot. You guys are too fucking rad for your own good.

Now that I have access to a computer again, I'm certainly going to keep in touch with all of you a lot for frequently. And I also plan on posting a lot more, daily even, if I can.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sacred Geometry; Dance Of Venus And Earth

This image shows the proportions of the orbit of the Earth and Venus (if the diameter the Earth's orbit is equal to diagonal of a square, the orbit of Venus would fit inside such square as shown on the drawing.

The image below has been made by hand with help of computer software for drafting. First, let's draw a square and two circles so one fits inside a square and the other outside the square. Strangely this represents accurately proportions of the orbits of Venus and Earth.
Second, let's draw equally spaced points on each circle representing number of days per orbit (365 points for the orbit of the Earth and 225 points for the orbit of Venus). Next, let's connected lines between orbital positions of each planet for each day - picking for the starting point a day when both planets are closest to each other. After repeating this process for 8 orbits of the Earth the lines form this amazing image:

This image (to scale) shows dance of Venus and Earth - each of the fine lines connects both planets over time required to complete 8 orbits by Earth (and 13 orbits by Venus). Orbit of Earth is cropped out.

I'm not going to pretend like I understand what I've been reading...but it's really something, wouldn't you agree? Start here:

Thursday, July 16, 2009

It Will Always Be Okay

...Too personal maybe?


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New Release Info

That's the name of the new record. Which at this point is coming along pretty smoothly. With "Eloise," I think one of the hardest parts was the writing. But with "Earth Tones," I've skipped that whole deal. All ambient. This project was inspired by Grant's record, "Skyed Out." Ahh...the magic of ambience. Keep checking back for it since I'm not sure when it'll be done, but I'm close!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Today I skipped school and hung out in my garage reading Jack Kerouac's "The Dharma Bums." One of the characters, Japhy, was climbing a mountain with Jack Kerouac and company. Being a buddhist, Japhy described it as basically returning to the graveyard of man's old ways. Well...that's what I derived from it at least. Before our belonged to the woods. We died there. We were once primal. I decided to climb a bluff later in the day at about noon to try and see what if what Japhy was saying had any truth to it.

I felt it. Enlightenment. Full and pure.

I decided to name the bluff, "Dharma." Of course, in tribute. It means "true meaning." And when I was up on that point, I knew exactly what "true meaning" was and what Japhy meant. I was hit with inspiration, restoration and purpose. It feels like my "creative well" is full again. So no more musing, I've got a new angle.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Muse Break

After 10 months of almost non-stop work with Spiid it has pretty much left my creative well drained. And I'm just getting bored. I'm taking a break from doing any new tunes for a while. But before I do that, I'm gonna be posting a new EP on the blog here in the new couple of days.

Writting for the In The Jaws Of A Dandy Lion summer album has kicked back up again. If anything, during the break, I would work on some new demos with the girls. I also have something planned with False Color that I think is pretty rad, it's a neat, fresher idea.


Saturday, April 11, 2009

For Alexis

First off, everyone have a great Easter. I will be blissfully sitting on my ass and eatting candy all day, I'm sure.

Secondly, this song is for Alexis. The famous face on the cover of Eloise. My bandmate, my Ivy Belk, my Beastman, my Bella, here is your lullaby.

This song is a sonic description of a night Alexis and I had together in the winter. We walked around in the falling snow, they really looked like diamonds. We layed in the snow in the park and watched the stars through double vision. I remember hearing how fast my heart was beating because of the drugs.

No Two Stars Alike (For Alexis)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spring Break 2009 (Update 2)

Thanks to everyone that wished me a happy birthday! It was a lot of fun. I thought I'd post some pictures from the said event. This spring break has been a lot of fun. New tunes coming soon... Until then, you should go check out Grant's blog to wish him a belated birthday and check out his new song, "Translations." By the way, the cake was supposed to say "Happy Entering Day."

Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring Break 2009 (Update 1)

This Spring Break seemingly won't break 35 degrees...tops. So I guess Old Man Winter's back isn't broken yet. On the other hand, I've been pretty lazy with making new tunes. I want to say that Spiid is sleeping for a bit, but I've always been a bit of an insomniac. The same could be said with Jess, Alexis and I. We've been outlining and conversating over and over again about plans for an album. I don't think any significant results will show until around Summer. It's still fun to talk about it though. Should be a real treat. We've been slowly and surely working on some new material. I can happily say that we have more of a "sound" now.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Late Night Post

Can't here's a new tune. I wish this is what I was dreaming.


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lime Castle EP/Happy Birthday Alexis!!

This is the Lime Castle EP. I like to think of it as the B-sides to Eloise. These songs are a bit more "noise-y" then previous works. With Eloise, I celebrated childhood. The concept behind this is drug-teenage-angst, in a way.

Also... today is Alexis' 19th birthday! Such a big girl she is. I dedicate this EP to her.

Lime Castle EP
01. Interference Hiss
02. The Water Is Gone
03. Frustration's Brainchild
04. Held In Red Arms
05. Lime Castle

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Looking Forward To...

Lately a lot of stuff has been going on. Alexis, Jess and I have been coming up with our own material for a full length and as of late, another EP we want to get done before summer. That's when we're planning to start recording for the record. Until then, we want to find our sound and work on communicating like a band. I've also been recording stuff for 2 new EPs I have in mind.
One of them is basically a b-side EP to Eloise. By the way, I appreciate all the comments and compliments I've recieved. Thank you!

But...we're all take a break for a while. The ACT is coming up and we've all got a lot on our minds and on our plates right now so from here on out it's all about musing.

Saturday, February 28, 2009


Here it is. Eloise. I've been working on this since Fall of 2008. Eloise is the collective nostalgia of my boyhood, the nausea of the present and future. I put a lot of thought in the sounds and ideas of this whole thing, a lot of it was scrapped, took apart, reconstructed and redone.

Eloise is the name of a street I grew up on as a kid and where a lot of the projected memories took place. It was a dirt road with a lot of paper trees to climb. Summer was always the favored season of growing up.

The cover is a picture I took and edited of Alexis. I decided on it because she is the most nostalgic person I know. And she had a lot of influence on the writing process. She was a big help. I also want to thank Ben, Grant, Elliot, and Rach for being awesome and playing rad music. Thanks to Lyn, Tyler, Alex and Jeremy.

01. Psiloflower
02. Smoke Vines
03. Marshmellow
04. Dropping The Muse
05. The Big Bones Of Time
06. Keweenaw Vortex
07. There's No Place Like No Place
08. Sleepy Tips
09. Dusk/Gloaming
10. Ihre Augen Sind Sehr Schön
11. It Will Always Be Okay

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Accept It!!

After hearing that The Dandy Lions as a band name was taken, it eventually got under my skin and we decided to change the name.

The Dandy Lions are now know as In The Jaws Of A Dandy Lion.

Oh, yeah, and meet Jessica. She's the lovely girl in that photo and the newest member to In The Jaws Of A Dandy Lion. She's a rad poet and digs folk music and acoustic guitars and is an A student stoner. Some know her as Pips.

She's helping Alexis with the writing for an album we're in the mists of making. The ladies are doing a good portion of the work and I think it's badass.