Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Skeletons Video

I love this song, one of my favorites off of their new album. I never envisioned the song in this way before though. Very awesome video. I recommend full screen mode and an optional hit of acid.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Poem #1

I thought it would be a neat little idea since I'm reviewing a collection of my poetry for something school related that I should post a poem every now and then. I know you guys have seen (heard) my musical aspects, but not so much with my writing...


It was a splendid ride. And if it has to end,

I want it to end when I've earned more soul than any buddaha -

after I was muted by thunder. And still bolder than the throwing stones.

Only hurt by karma cuts. And still a piece in the belief of peace.

Even in my dangers.

Sowing for a season. Watered the plants everyday,

until my eyes were dry. Lips cracking.

Snaking eyes. Hint and clue, the same.

Then out of pinned hole windows -

only one eye at a time. It was gun powder confetti.

That's where I want the oblivion,

flat on my back, under drifted rag sparks.

It'd tingle my spine, just a little.

Trees grew, roots mimic to ring.

And flesh moved like primal gears; the first conductors of "The Engagement."

It did start with a snake, with dense venom by mouthfuls.

End; with a tail swallowed. Shouldn't it go on?

I can smell it's blood-jet stink.

With a rib of Eve's, you're a thorn in the side.

Eyeing from the grass.

I wish for the same rush; slithering like a parchment scroll.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bass of the Mushroom EP

With practice over this last Saturday, and approval from all members, there really isn't any point in waiting anymore. We started recording this back in November. And it's been done since mid-December. The title came from the idea that we wanted to utilize Angel and her bad-ass bass skills a little more than we did on the album. We kept this a little more raw, and tried to use the type of experimentation we used on Everything Under a Mushroom...hopefully you'll be able to pick up on that. I think the songs are kinda hard to get into, but I'm actually really proud of this material. My favorite track is Laser Baked. All of the keyboard and guitar sounds are from me. While Angel provided bass, and Alexis wrote and sang these songs. Nightstalking is a redone outtake from Ghostattica.

Bass of the Mushroom EP
01. I Want You
02. Nightstalking
03. Let's Away with the Rest of Today
04. Laser Baked
05. The Pajamas with 1,000 Eyes
06. You are my Missing Puzzle Piece

The photo was taken during the Fall of 2009 when we were hanging out at Fort Smashed and Angel gave me a dead flower. It was either this or an innocently naked photo of Alexis, haha.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sick Day Songs

Here a couple of songs I made to today to kinda embrace being ill. The first and third track are some samples I took while spending time with our drummer with special effect cuts of conversations around my school. Track two is a distorted, reverb conversation with Alexis and Angel. I transformed these into mini sonic sickness soothing tracks, sort of...

Sick Day Songs
01. Light
02. Atmospheric
03. Bring Down

The previous link was a Rapidshare link because Mediafire wasn't working at the time. I fixed that though.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010