Friday, October 30, 2009


There is really a lot to say about this recording. But I'll try to keep it short. We've wanted to do an album since last summer when the concept was to record in this old, eerie barn and use the various junk to our advantage to make sounds. That was a while ago and when it was only Alexis and I. Some of the material recorded here was supposed to be recorded around the "Sonic Barn" era. I'm glad that idea didn't go through. This feels like a much more fleshed out effort and I can honestly say I'm really proud of this record no matter how bad some people might find it. I'm proud of it because I've never had the experience to record with close friends before and each session was more fun than the last. The name is derived from the idea that it was mostly recorded in my attic where there are two signatures, one from Ellen Erickson and one from R.H Tervo. I believe these ghosts haunt my home. You see...we were recording one night, an instrumental session, and when I was reviewing the material, I discovered a chilling voice. "This is my bedroom," it said. A couple of weeks after I discovered the voice, my house was struck by lightning from the attic and destroyed my hard-drive. When I got the data restored , I found that the song with the voice was gone without a trace. It's almost as if they didn't want their presence known. We choose to record in the attic because there is this constant sense of unknown company up there.

...Just a little true ghost story for a truly ghost-y album. Most of these songs were recorded within one or two takes with minimal special effects from the computer. I asked Ben to contribute a while ago something for this album, the result is the extremely eerie keyboard workings of Collin from False Color. I went to Ben because of our first release together about a year ago, the Halloween split. Out of the 75+ sketches done for this album, we favored these the most. My only regret is that Angel didn't join soon enough. We didn't quite have the time to apply her as a resource as much as we wanted to. But I'm glad that she's a part of the band and I wouldn't have it any other way. So here is our Halloween treat/trick from us to you:

01. The Vogue Timeless
02. A Labyrinth Of My Own
03. Bat Crossing
04. The Invisible Musical
05. Small Nooses
06. Ellen Erickson August 25, 1935
07. Go By The Ghoul's Rules
08. Trick Or Retreat
09. R.H. Tervo August 1, 1922
10. Macabre
11. Sarcophagus
12. Purgatory Party
13. Stirring The Cauldrone
14. One Last Look At Madeline Usher (featuring False Color)

All of the bass guitar work was played by Angel (Natas Mai), the guitar/keyboard/mixing, sampling, and editing was done by myself (Macshaw Corpse), and Alexis (Ivy Belk) wrote all of the lyrics and sang in all of these songs. We all had a hand at contributing lyrical input, but Alexis has a way with words that is just very somber so she had a lot of room with that angle. Recorded fall of 2009.