Tuesday, September 8, 2009


"Curvature" was recorded during the time when I lost my hard-drive. I can seriously feel the sad angst and uncertainty in it when I listen to it now. At the time, I was really upset and hated everything because of what happened and spent my time reading a lot about scared geometry, sine waves, and the cosmos.

The other three are the salvaged demos of "Earth Tones." I had them on my iPod and managed to get them off. I had no intention of ever doing anything with them, but I don't like them sitting around either. Also, this was supposed to be the cover for "Earth Tones." Anyone familiar with fractal art?

Earth Tones EP
01. Steam
02. Curvature
03. Mute Like A Mountain
04. Biome Of The Mind


Grant Evans said...

YES! Another incredible set of sounds. You can really drift off to this one.

Grant Evans said...

Oh.. And fractal art rules hard.