Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Back On The Wagon

After some much needed time away from each other after our big disappointing ordeal, we're happy to say that we're going to continue the recording of Awesomemous Coolimus this weekend. Our last practice was far too stressful when the show ended up falling through. A few good things came from our last session though, like this redone version of "A Labyrinth Of My Own." I'm playing similar keyboard keys here, Jer is on drums, Angel on bass, and Alexis singing with effect pedal delay blooms. Enjoy.

A Labyrinth Of My Own (Version 2)

Try saying "beer can" in a Jamaican accent. Doesn't it sound "bacon" in a British accent?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I just kinda wanted to let everyone know the status of the next In the Jaws of a Dandy Lion record. As of right now, after a few practices, we have 11 songs done and roughly 2 or 3 demos we're still working on. And we're not stopping here. With Ghostattica, we recorded over 70 different songs. Most of them were soundscapes, but still, we plan on having many more practices and many more tracks for the new one. Any positive expectations for what's coming should be killed right now. This is a forewarning. We got bigheads when we got a drummer and we expected this record to be amazing, full of energy, etc. But what we're finding out is that this is basically a stepping stone record. A stepping stone to being able to record, function and work together as a band.

None of us besides Angel have played in a full band together before and we're finding it very difficult, but very fun at the same time. The ideas just bounce all over the place because we all very different people. So maybe saying "kill your expectations" was a little strong.