Sunday, August 16, 2009

Return Of Spiid!


I never realized how much I missed the internet until it was in my grasp again! Haha. Well...for starters, I just wanted to check in with everyone and tell you guys what's been going on lately.
Jeremy and I just got back from Lollapolloza '09 in Chicago. And it was probably the best musical expierence I have ever known to come.

And within the next couple of days here, Megan and I will be posting our Spiid/Atomic Spectra split EP. She made the album art for it and I think it's really rad. Other than that release, I have a lot of other plans in mind. A while ago, I managed to salvage 5 demos from my iPod that I planned on using for "Earth Tones." Now, before I managed to get these demos, I planned on completely recreating the view I had for the album. Eventually, the idea of it became so altered, I made it a project of it's own. So I'm glad to say that Spiid's return is going to be followed by two albums. I'm not saying about the untitled 3rd album. But "Earth Tones" on the other hand is going to be an all ambient/instrumental piece. Inspired by Grant's album, "Skyed Out." Along the process of making these two new records, I'll also be releasing stuff I've recorded since I lost my computer. And that's about roughly almost 200 rough demos. Needless to say, I kept busy while I was gone.

I'd like to remind everyone that I'm still struggling with trying to retrive files that I've sent to people and that it would be very much appreciated that if anyone could send anything; pictures, songs, etc., I would really be grateful. And thank you everyone for all of your kind words and expressions and concerns for the difficult times I faced this summer. It really means a lot. You guys are too fucking rad for your own good.

Now that I have access to a computer again, I'm certainly going to keep in touch with all of you a lot for frequently. And I also plan on posting a lot more, daily even, if I can.


Ben said...

Did you get that stuff I sent you?

Nova Scotian Arms said...

Yeah, I sent you a zip file to the Spiid myspace. Let me know if I missed anything. Glad that you're back!

Spiid said...

Ben, is that a Harvey Birdman refrence from Adult Swim? Haha.

Ben said...

Not that I know of ? haha

skinny insect said...