Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Insomnia Puzzle

My boyfriend and I were up all night with our new cat, Biko. Which means "dear" in Igbo, a language spoken in Nigeria. We found him wondering the streets and he came up to us and hasn't left us alone since. We named him that because he's such a dear, sweet, loving cat. I'll try to post pictures soon. But, yeah, anyways, Jeremy and I came up with this song tonight because neither of us could sleep. It's a combination of 2 random samples I choose and altered, and 2 random samples he choose and altered. Enjoy?

Insomnia Puzzle

P.S. Here is a picture of a random, evil washing machine that warns you to use it at your own risk. The risk I'm afraid I don't understand.


Grant Evans said...

This is pretty much great! I love it. It's cool that Jeremy is throwing down some tunes with you. And a new cat! You know I love me some cats... Biko is such a cool name too. Is it pronounced like Nico or like Bic-O or like Bike-O?

Spiid said...

Like "Bik-o".
And yeah, Jeremy is going to be helping out a lot in the dandy lion future. He plays the flute and whistles very well, haha. But thank you man.