Thursday, August 20, 2009

Stoned, Foggy, Thursday, Claymation Mindfuck Update

Alexis and I here, were browsing youtube and found this satanic claymation video. We've been kinda working hard towards some new stuff. We've recorded new and old, remaking some of the songs we lost along the way with the hard-drive b.s. And I recently bought this really rad Casio keyboard so we've been experimenting with it. Synths, organs, etc. I feel like this new stuff is really vital because of the lose. We worked for a long little while on stuff that was special to us, and we didn't even get to release any of it. Primarily our first session until so on. Like piss in the fucking wind, man. The old material had Alexis' singing, which never got to see the light of day.
We're like Valet...but we're not. Without the free parking.

"We've already raped music..." -Alexis.

Swine flu mask


Alexis with a noose she found in the woods of the Upper Peninsula.


Nova Scotian Arms said...

The picture with the noose should totally be an album cover.

skinny insect said...

I agree!

skinny insect said...

I'm digging the new layout by the way. Also, do you pronounce Spiid like SPEED or like DID (but SPIID).