Sunday, October 11, 2009

Update and Virtual 7 Inch #1

I posted this Virtual 7'' a couple of days ago but quickly took it down. I was thinking that I wanted to incorporate them into the next Spiid album, but I decided against that. At this point, the album, "Aether Transit" is done and is in the tracklisting/mixing phase.

Virtual 7 Inch #1
01. Claustrophobia
02. Respiration

With the next Spiid project already near completion, I've had time on my hands to record a few tracks with Alexis and Angel. For a while, Alexis and I wrote a lot of different material and recorded it in bits and pieces and we've come to find that it didn't fit into what we were doing with the Halloween record. So sometime before the end of 2009 we want to put together an album of songs we never recorded but have only sat and collected dust. With all of our damned equipment problems lately, Angel hasn't been able to contribute much. We have the money to get the amps and equipment we need. But it's just a means of finding it. The first place we had in mind doesn't have the amps anymore. So no Halloween show, unfortunately. But we have much bigger plans for the end of the year.

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