Saturday, February 28, 2009


Here it is. Eloise. I've been working on this since Fall of 2008. Eloise is the collective nostalgia of my boyhood, the nausea of the present and future. I put a lot of thought in the sounds and ideas of this whole thing, a lot of it was scrapped, took apart, reconstructed and redone.

Eloise is the name of a street I grew up on as a kid and where a lot of the projected memories took place. It was a dirt road with a lot of paper trees to climb. Summer was always the favored season of growing up.

The cover is a picture I took and edited of Alexis. I decided on it because she is the most nostalgic person I know. And she had a lot of influence on the writing process. She was a big help. I also want to thank Ben, Grant, Elliot, and Rach for being awesome and playing rad music. Thanks to Lyn, Tyler, Alex and Jeremy.

01. Psiloflower
02. Smoke Vines
03. Marshmellow
04. Dropping The Muse
05. The Big Bones Of Time
06. Keweenaw Vortex
07. There's No Place Like No Place
08. Sleepy Tips
09. Dusk/Gloaming
10. Ihre Augen Sind Sehr Schön
11. It Will Always Be Okay

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Accept It!!

After hearing that The Dandy Lions as a band name was taken, it eventually got under my skin and we decided to change the name.

The Dandy Lions are now know as In The Jaws Of A Dandy Lion.

Oh, yeah, and meet Jessica. She's the lovely girl in that photo and the newest member to In The Jaws Of A Dandy Lion. She's a rad poet and digs folk music and acoustic guitars and is an A student stoner. Some know her as Pips.

She's helping Alexis with the writing for an album we're in the mists of making. The ladies are doing a good portion of the work and I think it's badass.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Everything Under A Mushroom EP

Here it is, The Dandy Lions (In The Jaws of a Dandy Lion) first release.
Alexis and I recorded all the sounds on here.
Of course they've been altered to meet our wants. I used a completely different method to mix this stuff, more channeling, transitions into songs, etc. The cover art is a dandelion I was blowing out once while I tripped off of X in Jessica's yard.

01. White Trash
02. I Am The Gate That Let's The Flowers Into The Garden
03. Paper Knife
04. ...Tumbled Down The Stairs
05. Here Comes A Spare Moon