Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lime Castle EP/Happy Birthday Alexis!!

This is the Lime Castle EP. I like to think of it as the B-sides to Eloise. These songs are a bit more "noise-y" then previous works. With Eloise, I celebrated childhood. The concept behind this is drug-teenage-angst, in a way.

Also... today is Alexis' 19th birthday! Such a big girl she is. I dedicate this EP to her.

Lime Castle EP
01. Interference Hiss
02. The Water Is Gone
03. Frustration's Brainchild
04. Held In Red Arms
05. Lime Castle


The Ex-Sanguinator said...

links dead?!?
cool titles though dude!

Spiid said...

Thank you for pointing that out. I fixed the link. Enjoy.

Nova Scotian Arms said...

I listened to this while staring into my lava lamp. Very appropriate... I really like Interference Hiss and Held In Red Arms. Thank you for another wonderful EP.