Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring Break 2009 (Update 1)

This Spring Break seemingly won't break 35 degrees...tops. So I guess Old Man Winter's back isn't broken yet. On the other hand, I've been pretty lazy with making new tunes. I want to say that Spiid is sleeping for a bit, but I've always been a bit of an insomniac. The same could be said with Jess, Alexis and I. We've been outlining and conversating over and over again about plans for an album. I don't think any significant results will show until around Summer. It's still fun to talk about it though. Should be a real treat. We've been slowly and surely working on some new material. I can happily say that we have more of a "sound" now.


skinny insect said...

i'm ready for the madness!

skinny insect said...

you NEED to see Frankenhooker. It's amazing. the other two films I listed are by the same director (basket case and brain damage). His name is Frank Henenlotter. One thing that my friends always despise is how cheesy his films are but to me that's his charm. most of the horror films that I watch are extremely cheesy and have the worst acting in the universe but THAT is what makes them fun and very credible as 80's orgasmic gory horror. as silly as it may sound (or odd) horror films are my biggest inspiration for writing songs/music.