Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Aether Transit

Going into this, I prepared no concept or "idea." I just wanted a new collection of songs. And I have to say that this is probably my favorite release of my yet. My primary influence for this was Joe Meek's I Hear A New World. The construction of the album was pretty tedious, I recorded 28 different tracks for it and I kinda pieced together this loose theme of space travel. Anyway, I hope you guys dig it. Like always, I dedicate this to...anyone that listens really.

I asked Grant if he would like to help me out with a song. In return, he brings us "The Ghost In The Atom." Created out of scrap samples I had from the material. I think it ties the whole thing together pretty nicely and personally, I'm honored he contributed. I want to do more contribution work in the future with anyone who is interested.

Aether Transit
01. Activation Of The Flower Of Life
02. You Go
03. Wild Earth
04. Gamma
05. Friendly Bugs
06. The Wind Will Dry You Out
07. Record Scratch Requiem
08. Stoned Star
09. Psychonaut
10. Mother Earth And Father Meteor
11. Aether Transit
12. The Ghost In The Atom (featuring Nova Scotian Arms)
13. It's Not About The Vessel, It's About The Journey

P.S. There was a problem uploading it to mediafire. So the link is a sendspace link. Enjoy.

P.P.S. There was another problem. Grant's song wasn't able to be accessed because it was sent as a afi. file and I didn't notice until he just pointed it out. I took care of it. I also put the album on mediafire instead of sendspace. And if you already downloaded the album this will save you the time of downloading it again for Grant's track:

Download here.


Grant Evans said...

I'm downloading now. I can not wait to hear it. Thanks again for asking me to contribute. I really enjoyed working on it.

rachel evans said...

This is a BEAUTIFUL album... The music, the artwork, EVERYTHING!!!! I cannot wait until you see the physical tape copies!!!!!!! This is the most cohesive package I've ever seen! GREAT WORK!!!

Spiid said...

Thank you guys! :)