Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Late Night Post

Can't here's a new tune. I wish this is what I was dreaming.


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lime Castle EP/Happy Birthday Alexis!!

This is the Lime Castle EP. I like to think of it as the B-sides to Eloise. These songs are a bit more "noise-y" then previous works. With Eloise, I celebrated childhood. The concept behind this is drug-teenage-angst, in a way.

Also... today is Alexis' 19th birthday! Such a big girl she is. I dedicate this EP to her.

Lime Castle EP
01. Interference Hiss
02. The Water Is Gone
03. Frustration's Brainchild
04. Held In Red Arms
05. Lime Castle

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Looking Forward To...

Lately a lot of stuff has been going on. Alexis, Jess and I have been coming up with our own material for a full length and as of late, another EP we want to get done before summer. That's when we're planning to start recording for the record. Until then, we want to find our sound and work on communicating like a band. I've also been recording stuff for 2 new EPs I have in mind.
One of them is basically a b-side EP to Eloise. By the way, I appreciate all the comments and compliments I've recieved. Thank you!

But...we're all take a break for a while. The ACT is coming up and we've all got a lot on our minds and on our plates right now so from here on out it's all about musing.