Monday, August 24, 2009

Summer Session EP

Here is a new In The Jaws Of A Dandy Lion EP. Honestly, it's Alexis and I messing around like we always do. I mixed these as saw fit, and I'm sure some of it might turn you guys off. It's totally obscure and rough quality.

Summer Session EP
01. A E I O U Nothing
02. Thaw
03. The Letter People Show (Miss U)
04. Her Face In The Video

"Thaw" is the first song Alexis and I recorded really that had vocals. We also recorded it with a no-longer-lion, Jessica. But we reworked it. The original was one hell of a jam. But this EP version is just us having fun.

P.S. Elliott, it's pronounced either way you want man. I call it "Sp-did" --without that d. Like spid. But "Sp-edd" is cool too.


skinny insect said...

Thanks!! I'm downloading the EP when I get off work today! I'm very excited about this :) Hope you're doing well.

skinny insect said...

Listening to the new tunes now. I will report back to you when I finish :)

Nova Scotian Arms said...

I loved this. It works so cohesively as a whole. I hardly noticed the tracks changing. Wonderfully hypnotic. I can't wait to hear a full length release.

skinny insect said...

I agree with Grant entirely. I fucking loved it! I sat outside while watching the rain last night listening to it. Absolutely wonderful. Thaw is the jam.

rachel evans said...

This cover is so wonderful!!! I love this EP's tunes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!