Monday, March 29, 2010

New Spiid Album, April 7th

Back in January, during the Awesomeous Coolemous project, I started a little something of my own for Spiid. A few times a week since Jan, I've been testing, retesting and running through several different sketches of my next album. Unhappy with all of them. I called it "The Night Owl's Day Dream." The concept was the difference in night and day from the view of an insomniac, to put it simply. But something else bubbled from the brew. On April 7th, the end of Spring Break, and my 19th birthday, I'm going to release the most mind-fucking Spiid album yet. After Ghostattica, I began an interest in bedroom recording. Since then, I have recorded 6 individual album works that I intend to call my own and never let them see the light of day.

But all of that practice and experimentation has given me new peepholes into my creativity. I want this to be considered the manifestation of an Aries mentality. Not all Aries are alike. But this new album really dives into the sonic-psyche I've been trying to peel away. Instead of hiding the scare, I'm going to share it.