Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Night Owl's Day Dream

I began working on this in mid-winter, January. Like I said before, I ran through several different drafts of the album. And out of all the different types of sketches I tried I took parts from all of them and put it in this album. In a few of the songs, it's hard to understand my voice. I tried to use the muddy reverb to hide my voice as like an instrument, or ambient add-on to the song. I tried a few different things here, there is more beat orientated songs, there is more ambience all done with mostly my effect pedal, keyboard and guitar. After the many different tries following January, I finished it over Spring Break and decided to release it on my birthday since it was close enough.

I wanted this to turn out to be a sort of audio kaleidoscope where everything inside isn't exactly pretty. Not just colorful shapes and lights. The quality is a bit better. The flow is pretty almost runs in a pattern flow of different types of sounds, see if you pick it up, man.

The Night Owl's Day Dream
01. Absorption
02. Is There Room?
03. Hollowed Hummingbird
04. Stories That Make You Cry
05. Jeremy
06. The Meshing Disorder
07. Xanax
08. Mains Hum
09. Feel The Phantom
10. Bad Dreams
11. Superpod
12. Tetris Effect
13. Endangering The Wing
14. Lead Petaled Orchid
15. Jam Jar In The Sunlight


(It's too large for Mediafire to upload apparently, I would need a "premium account." So above is a different link, no worries, it's a safe link.)

p.s. Happy birthday to me. :)


rachel evans said...

AND, Grant and I are listening to this new album right now, and it is amazing! I LOVE love love the cover too!! THis is seriously the best stuff you've ever released!!!!!

Spiid said...

Thank you Rachel, I worked really hard on it and I made sure the production quality was a lot better this time around.