Thursday, March 4, 2010

Newest Project And Update

Before Spiid, I used the moniker Grace Budd, creating what I called "music" with shitty techno samples, an ancient acoustic guitar, various household items and a little creativity. As of a couple of days ago, Jeremy, our drummer, and I began a new project that we want to follow in the veins of Grace Budd.

So in result, here are The Ephemerals. No structure, no plots, no plans, everything we've done and want to do is for the sake of experimentation of "noise." I feel like things with Spiid and ITJOADL have gotten too "serious" and I miss the freeform, ya dig? There is no rejection of ideas of any kind in this space.

On a side note, the next In The Jaws Of A Dandy Lion album, Awesomeous Coolimus, is very close to completion. We've been working very hard every weekend since November of last year on this one. We've only heard nothing but great things about what people think of the new material and I can't wait to blow everyone's minds.