Monday, March 15, 2010

Awesomeous Coolemous

First off, the title comes from a strange story of the band sitting together and Angel telling us a story of a horrible porno she has seen and one of the actors said the line "Awesomeous Coolemous." We all joked and thought that would be a cool album title. I didn't actually think the title would stick, but it did. But there are so many other more important things than titles. We all had a lot of fun making this...and a lot of stress...haha. We took our time and learned how to work like a band. We must have run through several different sketches of this album. We all wrote took place in writing the songs, adding input, etc. There really isn't anything like working with a band. It's been the most challenging piece I, and the rest of us have worked on. We tired to escape using the computer for special effects as must as possible, and if I do say, probably 90% of this was recorded completely raw in my bedroom. We really worked harder on song structure here and I hope you'll be able to hear that.

Awesomeous Coolemous
01. Crush Down
02. Orion
03. An Animal Eats Your Head
04. Infinite Collage
05. A Toast To Long Friendship
06. Freak
07. You'll See
08. I Followed A Rainbow
09. Something So Forgettable
10. Woah!
11. Raw Meat
12. Crazy
13. Drug Store Waiting Room Music

I want to dedicate this album to Angel. Here's to our work, and how awesome of a friend you've been and that I hope you'll be with us this Summer.


rachel said...

This album is amazing!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!
please tell angel she is awesome!
Just in case Grant hasn't told you yet, she should really check out Psychic Reality. She would love it!!

rachel evans said...

Woops! I meant to suggest that for Alexis...Grant just corrected me...but anyhow, you all did an amazing job on this release!!!!

Grant Evans said...

Smash hit!

Favorites include:
Infinite Collage
Something So Forgettable
Drug Store Waiting Room Music

It is all awesomeous coolemous!

Spiid said...

thank you guys so much. :)