Sunday, November 16, 2008

Dramamine Dreams

It's been a while since I posted anything. I don't really know why I post anything either. Perhaps I am dreaming that someday my blog will be found in the ruins of the internet and I will be praised in the future as some Blog God. That's actually what this song is about. Dreams.
Recently I had been using Dramamine for it's... "semi-psychedelic" qualities. Of course this involved me taking more of it then a normal person probably should. It offers a very dream-like trip. It's amazing that there is so many things you can trip on in one store.

Dramamine Dreams


With the help of Ben (thank you Ben), I made another version of "Dramamine Dreams." This version features a synthesized voice describing the dangers of Dramamine. Ben went through the process of typing said dangers and making them come out as a synthesized voice. I think he just used wizard magic if you ask me. But you know... the whole "do not use while operating machinery, etc, etc." I find this version to be really... intense. The voices start to layer a lap each other and it just gets to sounding really insane. Here it is:

Dramamine Dreams (Version II)

Consider it a small gift for my absense.

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Nova Scotian Arms said...

Good times. The second version seems to go by so much faster. It's weird. I tried dramamine once. It was pretty intense. I ended up going to sleep after less than an hour or two.