Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Updateness From The Current That Is Long Overdue

So I'm chilling with Alexis, talking about a show we're going to go to this Saturday with the band and about the next Spiid album, "Culture Shock." Consider it started, day 1, today. Consider it the polar opposite of "Eloise," my nostalgia album. This piece is more focus on the current, present. The effects of living in 100 year old miner's houses, copper ghosts, tourist traps and grey stained glass cathedrals we have all over the place. November release, I started the night with recording a few demos:

01. Ambien Vault Lock
02. You Live In A Brick House
03. Get Bruised
04. Leaf Muse
05. Beef Beats
06. Phonesex (feat. Alexis Pierce)
07. Comic Mischief (feat. Alexis Pierce)
08. The Hour
09. Audible Germs
10. And Repeat, And Repeat, And Repeat

I will be posting more frequently, revealing the titles of each demo I have worked on for this project. When I think I have enough solid material, I'll master the final product and release it.

Peace and chicken grease!!

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