Thursday, September 2, 2010

Haiku Set #1

I know I've posted a poem on here before with promises to post more. This summer, I've been doing quite a bit of reading and writing. Mostly I've just been reading a book of haiku's by Jack Kerouac. I thought I would share a couple of haiku's I've thought of during everyday stream of consciousness.

Camp meditation,
fire and wood burn so for you,
I would burn as well.

Breathe as deeply,
as if you have just run so far,
I have been running.

Recall being young,
sometime in the late night,
and then it fades away.

P.S. I know I said that The Ephemerals album would be the next release, but it seems to be taking longer than expected. I'm positive it's well worth it...or maybe just weird as fuck. Either way, it's going to be an awesome album. I'm also working with the band for another release and doing some smaller, personal Spiid stuff before I release anything too big or whatever.

Peace and chicken grease.

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