Monday, May 10, 2010

Update From Prom Night

Just kidding. Things have been way too stressful and busy lately. But I'm hoping you guys will be happy to know that a new In The Jaws EP will be coming very soon called the "Prom Sucks EP," Alexis, Jeremy and I recorded it over Prom Night without Angel. We always said we would just get smashed and have our own Prom party, but we never did. Instead, we recorded some loose, Ghostattica-esque type songs. I'll have that up in the next couple of days or so.

By the FUCKING way, can ANYONE tell me why I keep getting Asian porn comments on my comments section?


Grant Evans said...

Can't wait to hear it... Was Angel at the prom?

Spiid said...

No, see was doing her own thing. She isn't the prom type of girl.

Grant Evans said...

Oh... That would have been pretty cool. Her prom pictures could have been the album art. :)