Sunday, January 24, 2010

Poem #1

I thought it would be a neat little idea since I'm reviewing a collection of my poetry for something school related that I should post a poem every now and then. I know you guys have seen (heard) my musical aspects, but not so much with my writing...


It was a splendid ride. And if it has to end,

I want it to end when I've earned more soul than any buddaha -

after I was muted by thunder. And still bolder than the throwing stones.

Only hurt by karma cuts. And still a piece in the belief of peace.

Even in my dangers.

Sowing for a season. Watered the plants everyday,

until my eyes were dry. Lips cracking.

Snaking eyes. Hint and clue, the same.

Then out of pinned hole windows -

only one eye at a time. It was gun powder confetti.

That's where I want the oblivion,

flat on my back, under drifted rag sparks.

It'd tingle my spine, just a little.

Trees grew, roots mimic to ring.

And flesh moved like primal gears; the first conductors of "The Engagement."

It did start with a snake, with dense venom by mouthfuls.

End; with a tail swallowed. Shouldn't it go on?

I can smell it's blood-jet stink.

With a rib of Eve's, you're a thorn in the side.

Eyeing from the grass.

I wish for the same rush; slithering like a parchment scroll.


rachel evans said...

beautiful poem. I can't wait to read more!

Grant Evans said...

WOW... Really Travis. Wow. This is amazing...

"Only hurt by karma cuts..."

"That's where I want the oblivion, flat on my back..."

"blood-jet stink..."


The Ghosts of Birds said...

diggin it man. really damn diggin it.