Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Everything Under A Mushroom EP

Here it is, The Dandy Lions (In The Jaws of a Dandy Lion) first release.
Alexis and I recorded all the sounds on here.
Of course they've been altered to meet our wants. I used a completely different method to mix this stuff, more channeling, transitions into songs, etc. The cover art is a dandelion I was blowing out once while I tripped off of X in Jessica's yard.

01. White Trash
02. I Am The Gate That Let's The Flowers Into The Garden
03. Paper Knife
04. ...Tumbled Down The Stairs
05. Here Comes A Spare Moon


Nova Scotian Arms said...

This is so good. I'm really digging "I Am The Gate That Let's The Flowers Into The Garden". I do have some not so good news, however. Apparently the Dandy Lions is a popular band name. There are at least two other Dandy Lions bands... God, they look like they suck though. A UK band that does folk and a VA band that does hardcore. Whatever it's called, you kids are great!

The Ex-Sanguinator said...

I listened to this on a nap, and had a fairly weird dream. Great stuff. Actually it reminds me of early animal collective, the less abrasive stuff I mean.