Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Early Day

I took an early day out from school. I wasn't feeling the best and desided I should just come home. So I did. The afternoon was slow and I managed to boot out some new stuff. Almost all of it has failed to become pieced together. I was playing my guitar in front of Apollo and it seemed to lull him. I know it did this because he's always barked at the sound of an acoustic guitar since he was a puppy. I made an appreciation song for him called "Apollo." I'm not completely done with it despite it being just a sort little jam. I should have it up in the next couple of days or whenever I just find time. But here is something I did end up finishing:

Early Day

I need more R&R like this.

On another note... the band effort is seeing more light. It's like being taken two steps forward and one step back. Megan is ill and could be facing a life threatening situation right now so it goes without saying that I hope she sees the best and gets over this challenge.

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Nova Scotian Arms said...

Amazing. Restful and relaxing. I needed this.